Wayne, I wonder if I'm one of those you think might be interested. I am. Count me in.

Sam, I read NT Wrights book last summer/fall and Piper's book Justification. The theme of the Evangelical Theological Society National Conference this fall is on Justification and they are the keynote speakers. They are also supposed to have a question/answer time together. I am looking forward to it. I am not sure however if Piper's ministry leave will impact his involvement. It might be interesting to get a group together to discuss. I know a couple of people who may be interested. I have a couple of theological things I am chasing right now and some travel coming up but maybe starting in May. What do you think?

Wayne, I have you read N.T. Wright book on Justification? talk about "pro-vo-ka-tion" Are you up to date on the debate between Piper and the a fore mention? I am half way through Wright book and I have lots of question. I wish I was in a book club with other men or women to discuss this book and the implications this subject has on the daily Christian experience. Let me know if you want to hash this topic out sometime, Sam

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