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January 23, 2012


2) Identify what you can and cannot control about the cause of your discouragement (you stated). When someone comes to Jesus, it is assume that one has no control when it comes to salvation, life after death, spritual power to overcome sin, addiction. To love unconditionally, to live a pure and holy life. To raise up children to honor God, to live victorious as a Christian; Have a dynamic ministryMuch of what I stated and not stated depends greatly on God to act, to engage the life of a believer. Discouragement or disappointment is a result when one believes that God abandoned the believer , where there is emotional pain as a result that God is not there for me. Prayers go answered; one doubts that God can or will make his presence felt. One either feels that God is powerlesss or the believer thinks he has done something wrong and feels trap that others in the community judge his lack of faith or there is unconfess sin in one's life. Or perhaps a counselor will be able to patch things up.
If I can control my life and make good choices (with a dose of good genes) why go to God at all. If you put all your trust in a God that promise to love and care for the things that are truly important in this life but experience a silent God, you are left with only one choice ; what must I do to take control of my life and stop setting oneself up for future discouragement. Sam

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