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July 18, 2011


Like the way the congregation got evolved in the learning process in going through the ACTS model of prayer. I was wondering why we apparently had to go back over hundred years to find an example in George Muller to demonstrate the power or results of praying. Are there any present day evidence of "mountains being moved" today? Or are we in the west result driven. There are plenty examples in the bible that God is slow to respond to the prayers of his people; the Israelites prayed for over 400 years to be freed before God responded. There are many more that show that our prayers may not have to much to do about getting God to move as it is about God moving in and through my life to be come more like Him.
I no longer pray for results, God's "will"will be done, I desire to experience what you describe in your blog today, the amazing access in be in the presence of God in the Spirit. (Rom.8:5-8). Thanks Wayne for your passion for Jesus. Sam

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