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March 30, 2011


Beside the impossibility of that quote, as previously commented on, in my opinion it would be a sad day when a women needed to give up her femininity and men to surrender their masculinity. I once heard a speaker say that if "both of you are alike, one of you is unneccesary".
I celebrate the strengths God has given me and recognize that God has made others differently and they have strengths I do not-men and women included. Curious to know where that quote came from. If "equality" means ceasing to be who God made me to be-count me out. I'll stick with God's design.

We should have an International Christian Women's Day on the same day. Overcome evil with good.

Um...this quote seems to be from a very humanistic point of view separated from the Bible. Men cannot birth babies or produce breastmilk, which naturally shows that men and women are not interchangeable and cannot be naturally. I love being a woman and mother. I would hate to live in a society where the above quote became truth.

This would make my theology prof punch a hole in the wall.

Wow! I know I will be surprised by the source. Does that have to happen worldwide or just in one culture? Unbelievable.

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