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April 23, 2010


Also, I know you are far from being an isolationist and have appreciated the few times you have stepped in and corrected doctrinal error on the google group. Thanks for being true to the Word.

Hi Wayne, yeah I figured there was some missing context regarding that statement, because on the face of it alone it sounds contradictory to scripture. It also rubbed me the wrong way with his blanket accusation of being arrogant. I do although see his point of pastors becoming possesive and how that could easily become sin. Maybe though sometimes that possesiveness comes out of a godly desire to protect the flock from false doctrine. Have a great day in the Lord!

Hey Kevin, you may want to flesh out your question regarding 2 Peter 1:3 and Dave's statement. I can't speak for Dave but what I believe he was addressing is the isoloationist view of some church leaders (this conference was for church planters and church leaders). They fail to recongnize how the local church and the universal or wider church body work together to equip and mature people. They become possesive of their people and are easily offended when they serve outside their church or participate in groups for growth that are outside their local congregation.

How does #4 square with 2 Peter 1:3?

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